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Current Projects
  • Tales from the House of the Moon by Resmiranda (SessKag/Inuyasha) - Original: Fanfiction.net, Mediaminer; Podfic: Ao3 (Chapter 6 of 42 is up); Status: editing 7 and 8
  • Wedding thing - by Jan 19 doc
  • Hiraeth by sabrecmc (Stony/Avengers; 8389) - Original: Ao3: Podfic: Editing stage
  • Children's Tales by artemis69 (Sterek/Teen Wolf) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Editing Stage
  • The Universe Yields (I Chose You) by Inky (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending

Next Up
  • The Incomprehensible Vastness of Space by museaway (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Picking up where AnnaPods left off (Annapods: Ao3)
  • cats don’t only purr when they’re happy by narada-talis (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • One Hundred Miles an Hour in Reverse by suburbanmotel (Sterek/Teen Wolf; 24580) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • In 280 Characters or Less by arcadenemesis (Sheith/VLD; 30463) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • Long distance by MusicalLuna, ooka (Stony/Avengers; 17203) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot by forestofbabel (Sterek/Teen Wolf) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • A Little Push in the Right Direction by crossroadswrite (Sterek/Teen Wolf; 3708) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • every breath you take by arahir (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • Not As Described by Febricant (Sterek/Teen Wolf; 113,392) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • Thrust Issues by Sineala (Stony/Avengers; 132827) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • The Single Biggest Problem with Communication by BlossomsintheMist (Stony/Avengers; 145,557) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
    • Intro song - Telemiscommunication by Frou Frou??
  • Celestial Navigation and Thank You Fics by sabrecmc (Stony/Avengers) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending
  • Lost Together by Festive Ferret (Stony/Avengers; 67977) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Pending

Authors who I want to do all their fic
  • atlas been knew all this time by narada-talis (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Posted complete
  • i breathe disaster by arahir (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Posted
  • constellations by narada-talis (Sheith/VLD) - Original: Ao3; Podfic: Posted (Complete as of now)
  • eagles by spqr - Original: Ao3 ; Podfic: Ao3
  • Just Like Me by Inell - Original series: Ao3 Podfic series: Ao3


Sep. 22nd, 2018 04:18 pm
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I finally finished with recording and editing my first 17k fanfic. Granted, I have longer ones I am working on but hey, I FINISHED THIS ONE.

After a struggle with being discouraged, a bum mic, and various other issues (taiko, life, feeeeeeelings), finishing this feels SO GOOD. I am excited for the posting period, which will be October 14-31.

Now, on to other projects. WOOO.
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Been quiet the last few weeks, mainly because of being busy with my taiko drumming group and just life.

That being said, I'm back podficcing. I had a bit of trouble with the fic I'm doing for [community profile] podficbigbang when the audio file had a serious, unfixable echo. Well, unfixable for me. So I got a bit discouraged, especially when I attempted again and the new mic I bought ended up having serious issues, like clicking throughout the entire time I recorded. 

Anyhow, I'm saving up for a Blue Yeti microphone so I'm using my JLab earbuds and the sound is surprisingly good so I'll be okay until I can get the other mic, which is like $130 or $140 or so. Won't be long.

So, I've got a long list of fics to catch up on and record.
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Hello hello,

I finally, FINALLY completed editing part 7 of Just Like Me. And learned how to make an effect that sounds like a phone call. WOO. I have to give it one more listen through tonight and then I'll post it as soon as I finish. Then I'll get to part 8, which is the last part/epilogue, then part 9, which is a prequel of sorts.

I received my lapel mic today; cheap bugger but we'll see if it makes the sound any more consistent and clearer. Hopefully so. Eventually, I'd love to afford one of the Yeti snowball mic for better quality. I've started up a ko-fi account (Link here as I want to look in to upgrading my streaming ability and if all else fails, it will pay for that new mic, if I get any followers. I'm not planning on using it for anything other than hosting for streaming and equipment. I feel like I have to justify it. I'll probably also use some of the donations (again, if I get any) to also pay for AO3 donations or other fanfic-related things.

Also downloaded Chapter and Verse as I am going to add a link to download a podbook to all parts of Just Like Me as well as when I finish any multi-part or multi-chapter work I do.

After Just Like Me is done, I'll get the next chapter of HotM recorded/edited/posted. Then I am going to start editing my Podfic Big Bang piece and record the second one.

And now off to drum practice! I'll be back!
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That reminds me, I need to update my working list. I have all of Just Like Me recorded, I just have to edit the audio. WOO!


Also, see this YouTube playlist I made because of a thing someone tagged me in and I did on tumblr:

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Part 6 of the Just Like Me series that started all my podficcing adventures is up. The other parts I've gone ahead and listed here because I haven't posted on this journal previously about any updates for this podfic.

Please let me know what you think. I've been learning a lot about editing and reading in general so I hope there is a progression.


Just Like Me by Inell (AO3) (Original Fic)


Just Like Me Podfic Series

Sooner or Later - Part 1

Better Safe than Sorry - Part 2

Open Your Eyes - Part 3

Nothing But Trouble - Part 4

Me Too - Part 5

Countdown - Part 6

Just Getting Started - Part 7

We're Family Here - Part 8

Limbo - Part 9

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  • I don't know why
    • AO3
    • DW Masterpost
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Alrighty, chapter 3 is up on AO3.

I've also included a zipped file for all the chapters released so far. The difference is that in the zipped file, each .mp3 is missing the beginning "Tales from the House of the Moon. . . ." and so on as well as the author's note so as to allow for better flow of play when you have them in a playlist.

I'll probably still record the beginning but I will likely start to just introduce each subsequent chapter by what chapter it is. So for people collecting as each chapter is posted, they don't have to redownload the zip file or the eventual podbook I will be making.

Anyhow, new chapter here:

Zipped file of the chapters released up to today is here.



Jun. 17th, 2018 11:55 pm
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As much as I like posting regularly, I was thinking about waiting until I have all of Celestial Navigation (and the assorted Thank You fics) finished rather than chapter by chapter.

I’m also thinking that if I have something done sooner than usual about posting it and getting it out there. The worst thing about having scheduled days (AND I’M ONLY 3-4 weeks in???) is the finishing and waiting. lol

Anyhow, I still love it. Oh how I still love it. :D
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 I am deep diving in podfic again with the intention of ranking them. LOL

I am so into podfic, fanfic, etc., etc., it's not funny. Once I have finished listened to the ones I have downloaded, I'll make a list and post it here as well as on Tumblr.

Well, back into the fandom deep dive. :D
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On a whim, I decided that after listening to podfic for the last 4 months or so, I wanted to do it. So I found a fanfic, asked the writer if I could do their series and away we go.

I now currently have 5 fic that I'm doing. And I just signed up for a podfic big bang.

So. . .this is what I've been missing my entire fandom life???

Anyhow, you can find my works on Ao3: taikodragon

And I also changed the name of my DW to match the taikodragon name because podfic became the deciding factor on if I was going to change it or not. :D

So if you are following me for podfic, welcome to my DW!


Apr. 8th, 2017 03:40 am
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Hello all,

I apparently forgot that I also have Imzy, so if you are also there I'm Taikodragon there.

Yay? LOL

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Dec. 31st, 2013 11:59 pm
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Hi everyone!

If you would like a holiday card, comment here! The comments are screened so feel free to leave your address. :D

My address has changed for those of you who have sent cards to me in the past. Comment if you would like an update.
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No longer will I wait for you.

I will always look for your face
in every person I meet
but no longer will I wait.

Perhaps it was a mistake to wait for you
but now I am awake.
Now I will hope to find you
in the journey I take.


Oct. 6th, 2013 10:56 pm
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 In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.
- Helen Thompson

FYI: I am wanting to keep my quotes somewhere other than tumblr, so I'm sorry for the influx of posts.

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